Why Every Organization Must Pay Attention to Disruptive Innovation

15/11/2017 Add Comment

By Jim Harris A staggering 93% of car accidents are due to driver error. So think about the 40,000 lives that will be saved in North America every year in 2025 when all new cars are autonomous vehicles – self driving cars.   Think of the 4.4 million people who won’t be injured in North ...

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The Benefits of Pen and Paper in an Increasingly Paperless World

19/07/2016 1 Comments

The concept of a ‘paperless world’ was a bold prediction by George Pake more than 35 years ago. The rise of technology in the workplace is bringing us closer to that prediction. Today we see people attending business meetings with nothing more than their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The business world is increasingly plugged-in, as ...

What’s your brand experience?

26/05/2016 Add Comment

Company value and your brand A person’s opinion of a brand is like an emotional bank account with a balance that fluctuates up and down. Every positive experience we have with a company/brand is like making a deposit in the account, while every negative interaction is like a withdrawal. These transactions can include human elements, ...

Four Things That Kill Companies

30/03/2016 Add Comment

By John Spence I am doing a strategic planning retreat for a multi-billion dollar company tomorrow and another similar retreat next week. In 2015 I facilitated perhaps a dozen such meetings and here are four key things that I have seen companies struggle with time and time again as they looked at their current performance ...

Strategy to Execution

20/06/2016 Add Comment

Commitment and focus to a company’s strategy tends to start off high. Then nothing gets done… It’s a common pattern: a firm’s leadership or executive team holes up for one or two full days of high-intensity strategic planning at the start of the year, resulting in a set of strategic intentions or priorities to move the ...

John Spence’s Visit to Edmonton

05/05/2016 Add Comment

85-90% of business leaders can’t execute.  That’s according to North American Top 100 thought leader John Spence who was recently in Edmonton and spoke to close to 1000 business leaders at various marquee conferences and seminars.  Even more alarming? He doesn’t see this chronic problem improving.  In fact, he thinks it’s getting worse. Spence, with ...

Business Strategy: How to change what “cannot” be changed?

18/03/2016 Add Comment

Trying to Change Others’ Behavior. Management (and life) would be so much better if we could make people change when we needed them to. Business execution and getting the results we want would be so much easier if people just did what we told them. But it doesn’t work that way. I’ve tried changing how ...

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