Building Trust

12/09/2017 Add Comment

Calculating your trust score Trust influences almost every interaction we have in life with other human beings.  From the service person we meet in a retail store, to our immediate family members, the trust dynamic is always in play.  And as leaders in our firms, it is essential that we know how to build trust ...

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What’s your brand experience?

26/05/2016 Add Comment

Company value and your brand A person’s opinion of a brand is like an emotional bank account with a balance that fluctuates up and down. Every positive experience we have with a company/brand is like making a deposit in the account, while every negative interaction is like a withdrawal. These transactions can include human elements, ...

Four Things That Kill Companies

30/03/2016 Add Comment

By John Spence I am doing a strategic planning retreat for a multi-billion dollar company tomorrow and another similar retreat next week. In 2015 I facilitated perhaps a dozen such meetings and here are four key things that I have seen companies struggle with time and time again as they looked at their current performance ...

Help us unlock the secrets of sustainable performance

02/03/2016 Add Comment

  In Alberta’s current state of uncertainty, it has never been more important for business leaders to clearly understand the key drivers of sustainable performance. For this reason Results is pleased to be partnering with the Haskayne Business School in helping to better understand the drivers of high performance in both good times and bad. For the past ...

John Spence’s Visit to Edmonton

05/05/2016 Add Comment

85-90% of business leaders can’t execute.  That’s according to North American Top 100 thought leader John Spence who was recently in Edmonton and spoke to close to 1000 business leaders at various marquee conferences and seminars.  Even more alarming? He doesn’t see this chronic problem improving.  In fact, he thinks it’s getting worse. Spence, with ...

Business Strategy: How to change what “cannot” be changed?

18/03/2016 Add Comment

Trying to Change Others’ Behavior. Management (and life) would be so much better if we could make people change when we needed them to. Business execution and getting the results we want would be so much easier if people just did what we told them. But it doesn’t work that way. I’ve tried changing how ...

Tell me what, not how

16/02/2016 Add Comment

According to recent Gallup research study, leaders are still failing to set clear expectations with their employees.  Only half of the employees surveyed could strongly agree with the statement, “I know what is expected of me at work.” Establishing clear expectations is a crucial component of creating a winning company. Clear expectations: Drives higher levels ...

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