Building Trust

12/09/2017 Add Comment

Calculating your trust score Trust influences almost every interaction we have in life with other human beings.  From the service person we meet in a retail store, to our immediate family members, the trust dynamic is always in play.  And as leaders in our firms, it is essential that we know how to build trust ...

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Uncovering the Secrets of Sustainable Performance

03/01/2017 Add Comment

The ten characteristics that drive strategic business growth Don’t miss this Executive Forum, Thursday Jan. 26, presented jointly by the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business and Results Canada Inc. Join fellow business owners and CEOs for an interactive 90-minute presentation as Dr. Simon Raby and Tim O’Connor share research based findings and real ...

Your business on autopilot

27/10/2016 Add Comment

Here at Results we work with many different companies that have a variety of different goals.  Some want top line growth, more profitability, and others may look to create a healthier culture or higher customer service levels. But for some, particularly those smaller firms that are still run by their founders, it’s more about freedom. ...

The Benefits of Pen and Paper in an Increasingly Paperless World

19/07/2016 1 Comments

The concept of a ‘paperless world’ was a bold prediction by George Pake more than 35 years ago. The rise of technology in the workplace is bringing us closer to that prediction. Today we see people attending business meetings with nothing more than their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The business world is increasingly plugged-in, as ...

The two hats successful leaders wear

30/11/2016 Add Comment

Hey coach! When we think about coaching, our minds often leap to an image of a professional sports coach. This coach stands behind the bench or on the sideline, usually with a dissatisfied look on their faces (no matter the score), and a clipboard in hand. Some coaches are quiet and reserved, while others seem ...

Turning your Organization into a Talent Hotbed

21/09/2016 Add Comment

In “The Talent Code“, Daniel Coyle defines a model for high performance that examined ‘Talent Hotbeds’ around the world. A common theme in these places was the struggle that is inherent in the learning and talent development process. Organizations can create a high performance environment by utilizing the three key elements found in a talent ...

Strategy to Execution

20/06/2016 Add Comment

Commitment and focus to a company’s strategy tends to start off high. Then nothing gets done… It’s a common pattern: a firm’s leadership or executive team holes up for one or two full days of high-intensity strategic planning at the start of the year, resulting in a set of strategic intentions or priorities to move the ...

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