Many Leaders Fail this Accountability Test – Do You?

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The Accountability Test Imagine one of your trusted employees told you they didn’t have time to master a key skill. They believed there were too many other important tasks and priorities even though this skill has proven to be essential to excelling in their role. They felt very comfortable with their existing skill set and ...

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Getting Uncomfortable

16/07/2013 Add Comment

All business leaders recognize the need for change.  The world is just moving too fast to even dream that we can continue operating under the status quo from year to year.  But change requires energy.  How can business leaders create the organizational energy needed to fuel change and overcome the inertia of status quo? Tension ...

Leading Indicators

16/07/2013 1 Comments

Numbers drive the world of business: Revenue, profitability, production efficiency, production output, lost-time due to accidents, and a variety of other measures are commonplace. And leaders would be at a severe disadvantage without timely and accurate figures relating to all aspects of their business. Numeric literacy is a must! However, in my experience few of ...

Is Your Business Focused

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In the great 1991 movie City Slickers, Jack Palance plays Curly Washburn, the weathered and wise old cowboy trying to teach the folks from the city how to drive cattle across the American west.  In one of the more memorable scenes, Curly asks the main character Mitch Robbins, played by Billy Crystal, if he’d like ...

What’s the Story

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One of my family’s favorite movies is RV starring Robin Williams.   In it the hero Bob Munro, played by Williams, takes his family on a vacation in a rented RV while secretly continuing to work in his high-profile job at an advertising agency.  He even goes as far as coordinating his cross-country RV trip ...

Strategy to Execution

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It’s a common pattern: a firm’s leadership or executive team holes up for one or two full days of high-intensity strategic planning at the start of the year, resulting in a set of strategic intentions or priorities to move the company forward. The business strategy and initiatives are top of mind immediately following this event, ...

Getting Creative

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If you are a business leader, you know the importance of innovation and creativity.  With the right spark your firm can leap ahead of the completion, grab “first mover advantage” or even redefine your industry.  At the same time, if your company is not the innovator, you could be on the losing end and left ...

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