Creating an Ownership Mentality: A “How To” Guide

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Can you imagine how your business would perform if all, or at least most, of your employees approached their work with an ownership mentality? In 2016, as Alberta was mired in the eye of an economic storm, Original Joe’s Restaurants (part of the Franworks Group of Companies) achieved just that.  Through a very deliberate cultural ...

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How to Invest for the Future

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It’s part of every business leader’s mandate to take care of two things: keeping the business healthy today, and positioning it for health in the future.  This is the yin and yang of the leader’s role, and to be successful leaders need to keep the two in balance, never focusing too much on one aspect ...

Top thought leaders champion strategies for success at Banff Leadership Retreat

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Banff, ALBERTA: Cutting-edge ideas and tools for success from top business and personal development thought leaders John Spence and David Irvine took centre stage amid the majestic Rocky Mountains, as business leaders gathered in Banff, Alta., March 12-14, for the Results 2017 Banff Leadership Retreat, hosted by Results Canada Inc. Major sponsor of the event ...

Avoid Leadership Night Terrors

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Change is unavoidable. Whether it’s driven by competitors, the economy, government regulation, or technological shifts, change will affect your business on a regular basis. And this is only the reactive change. If you have a vision for your business, and are proactively executing a strategy to realize this vision, you are also initiating the change ...

Vancouver event for SMB leaders explores ‘Execution Imperatives’ to success

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What is the X factor that allows some companies to rocket ahead while others churn away in the starting blocks?   A new workshop targeted for small-to-medium sized business (SMB) leaders in Vancouver will explore the latest ‘Execution Imperatives’ that are separating the winners from losers in today’s fast-shifting environment.   The May 18 event, ...

Top 10 lessons on leadership from the 2017 Results Leadership Retreat

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“Get your workbooks out. Let’s get to work.” With that opening call to get down to business, best-selling business thought leader John Spence wasted no time kicking off day one of the workshop sessions at the Results 2017 Banff Leadership Retreat, which was followed by day two sessions led by highly popular authentic leadership guru ...

Results Canada appoints practice director for Vancouver

06/03/2017 1 Comments

Results Canada Inc. has announced the appointment of a new practice director to help lead its new expansion into the Greater Vancouver market. Clifton Kanto assumes the role of Practice Director – Vancouver, helping to drive the establishment and growth of activity in this market for Results Canada, which specializes in servicing the small-to-medium-sized business ...

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