Business Execution Summit 2018


Despite an abundance of ideas and great intentions, business owners and thought-leaders agree, the biggest challenge for organizations today is a lack of disciplined execution.  Most organizations have established their goals, budgets, and plans but unless the leaders of an organization can align their entire organization to execute them, the desired results will seldom be ...

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Edmonton CEO Forum


Accountability – How to Consistently Deliver Exceptional Results Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018 Breakfast: 7:30am Presentation: 8:00am – 11:00am   Many leaders and business owners struggle to effectively hold themselves, their peers and their employees accountable. This inability to develop a culture of accountability makes vision and execution virtually impossible to achieve. In this second ...

Breakfast & Accountability – Calgary


Mastering personal workflow is a foundational skill set for all employees, but particularly leaders if they are to achieve a culture of accountability. In this seminar, we will consider: the fundamental workflow of management and delegation as essential management skills; the reality of our work environment and how without the right tools and processes we ...