Redrock Camps

"The relationship with Results Canada has been a very influential and inspiring learning experience for our growth based business."

Troy Ferguson President


"Working with Results has strengthened our leadership team, improved communication, and enabled us to build a culture of execution... we continue to see tremendous value and growth in our work with Results."

Ryan Scott President & CEO

Global Thermoelectric

"We knew we needed to do a better job in the execution of our business and Results has delivered."

James Bolen President


"The discipline of the weekly meetings at the Results office has had a very positive impact on our business."

Jarrad Whissell President

Big Guns

"We had worked with coaching companies before. We were looking for and wanted something different. We found it in Results – the Execution piece."

Bill Darling President


"We now have a greater sense of clarity of who we are, what we’re doing, and what’s going on."

Holly Goulard President


"We’ve made great progress not only in our business but personally as well. Trust within our Leadership Group has been elevated."

Bill Tempany CEO

Professional Skate

"The biggest thing in working with Results is that all of my staff are much more engaged now."

Josh Esler Owner


"Our company has experienced a lot of growth over the past decade and the things we learned at Results have helped us bring structure to our upper management"

Matthew Stathonikos VP

Alpha Better

"Results helped open up the channels of communication within our Leadership Group and as a result we are a much more cohesive team."

Barry Paxton President

Thermal Systems

"Results forced us to have some tough, hard conversations internally which has really brought us together as a Leadership Group."

Trevor Kent President & CEO

Greg Martineau Projects

"We’ve made a lot of progress since we started working with Results. The developing of our Core Values, identifying our KPI’s, and learning and implementing the DISC behavioral profiling tools was huge for us."

Greg Martineau President

Edmonton Construction Association

"The Results team are exceptional in strengthening my team's movement towards strategic operational excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend them."

John McNicoll Executive Director

Skyline Concrete

"With Results’ guidance, we have built a framework for engagement and accountability within the leadership team and across the company. Defining and communicating our Vision & Core Values along with the discipline of the meeting rhythm and tracking of quarterly priorities have been key to our continued success."

Kerry Brabant Business Manager

Almita Piling Inc.

"Results Canada has given us the ability to guide our company through a transformation. We have goals, strategy and an execution plan that are all aligned and well communicated so that everyone in our company knows where we are going. Our culture is evolving as a result of our strategic direction and the ongoing attention to our business."

Jeff Lloyd President